Naiara Armendariz Planetario Workshop


The course offers a place to discover, explore and enjoy the voice and body work. Along with that, the dynamic between movement and sound, body consciousness, breathing, the realisation of voice and energy flow, improvisation, and the interpretation of music as the cultures’ manifestation. Everything is experienced in a circle which unison singing and diverse texture of music stimulate the perception of oneself and the collective.

Music, in any culture, plays a fundamental role in any society’s life. In various traditional cultures, it has a connection with the communities’ worldview and social organisation. The objective of the course is to understand the voice as the man’s primary manifestation. It has been part of day-to-day work, child’s play, lullaby songs and ceremonies of passing since the early ages of humanity. Another important part of the work is to connect voice and movement to the ways of healing. Its knowledge is very important to the ancestral culture of Latin America, Africa and Asia and it is seen in ancient healing rituals, communication with ancestors, superior spiritual forms and connection to the elements of nature.

Finally, the main idea is to remember that everyone can sing. In the course, there are different modalities and levels according to the context in which the activity is done, depending on the group of people and the course’s duration.


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